Events and Happenings

Since the opening of The Edwards we have seen an overwhelming response from people wanting to use our creative space here at The Edwards.

It has grown out of our desire to stay connected with our community and engage with people on other levels other than dinning and drinking. These gatherings range from panel discussions about mental health in our community to supporting local emerging artists and giving them a space to create and display art plus everything in between.

The Good Oil

Every Thursday


Slick Tunes, Greasy Grub & Social Lubrication!

Parry Street Roll Up

Sunday 29th of January

3pm Roll Out

The last Sunday of every month we are getting the gang together and going for a ride!


Tuesday - 14th of February

6pm onwards

Valentines Day. It's a thing! Try as you might to rally against it, it is still going to be a thing.

U+Ed = 5eva!

364+1 Exhibition

Friday 17th of February


Everyone has a story.

Live Music in February

All of February

Any time is good for dancing

No need to bring you metronomes, we have your good time sorted! ALL MONTH!

Live Music in January

Every Weekend

Who doesn't like some live jams while enjoying a solid meal or downing a frothie? Well, we have you covered every weekend!

Pat Capocci LIVE @ The Eddies

28th of January


Break out the pomade, roll up those sleeves and park your cafe racer in the Workshop. We are going to rock(abilly) all night!

Australia Day @ The Eddies

Thursday - 26th of January


We are in the death throes of the summer holidays and be damned if we aren't going to fully embrace the last morsel of this "Silly Season"

NYE 2016

Saturday 31st of December

6pm - Next Year

What's better than a house party with mates?

You're all our mates, so grab your mates we haven't met yet and come on over to our place for New Years! Where we have plenty of good vibes, the food is plentiful, the beers are cold and there is no shortage of things to do and see. (Also forget about cleaning)

Soaring - The Golden Eagle Festival of Mongolia: A photographic exhibition by Sophie Howarth

Thursday 15th of December


Known for her kick-ass rock photography of The Big Day Out's glory days, Sophie Howarth has crafted a captivating photographic essay of another culturally significant festival: The Golden Eagle Festival Of Mongolia.

And you know what? The Edwards is lucky enough to host the exhibition and we have an enchanting opening night planned for you.