Events and Happenings

Since the opening of The Edwards we have seen an overwhelming response from people wanting to use our creative space here at The Edwards.

It has grown out of our desire to stay connected with our community and engage with people on other levels other than dinning and drinking. These gatherings range from panel discussions about mental health in our community to supporting local emerging artists and giving them a space to create and display art plus everything in between.

Winter Cocktail Launch

22nd of July

3pm - Late

It's cool out, so we thought we would get a few folk hot under the collar by adding some spice to our new cocktail list.

Renae Saxby - Photography Exhibition

Friday July 14th


Come and snuggle in at the Edwards on a mid winters night and take a photographic journey into cultures far and wide through the eyes of Newcastle’s Renae Saxby.

Joe Pug & Courtney Marie Andrews (Dinner + Show)

Sunday July 9th


Like Tim Rogers, we are having more amazing musicians over for dinner! And you are invited.

Rock, Dot & Pollock

Friday 23rd of June


Awesome vibes with a splattering of art!

Soundbite - Kid A

Thursday 22nd of June


Yes, Everything IS in Its Right Place.

One Song Sing - Under The Milky Way

Sunday June 11th


One song. Learned, Sung, Performed. (Youtubed)

Butler's 1st Birthday Bash

Saturday June 3rd

4pm till Late!

In the past 12 months, Liam has only forgotten to fill up a hand full of times, that's a pretty solid reason to celebrate!

Tim Rogers (LIVE)

Saturday May 27

6pm (Doors Open)

Look who is joining us for dinner!

The Sum Of The Edwards Ukulele Crusade - Beginner's Workshop

If you want to learn to slay some Fleetwood Mac on the ukulele like we did the other week, then The Sum of The Parts & The Eddies is here to help. With "The Sum Of The Edwards Ukulele Crusade".

Soul Music Soundbite feat. Marvin Gaye

Sunday 14th of May


Nothing says "Thanks Mum!" like listening together to the music that was likely playing when you were created!