One Song Sing - How To Make Gravy (Xmas Eve Edition)

24th of December

Don't forget a dollop of tomato sauce!

It's the last One Song Sing for the year, it's on Xmas eve, so what better song to sing than Paul Kelly's "How To Make Gravy"?

One great song, learned over one hour, performed to all of humanity (via youtube)

As a special Christmas gift for you all, this time around the singing will take place in the air-conditioned comfort of The Restaurant, if you do find yourself warm we're sure there are some cold beers available somewhere. So bring the kids, bring nan, get everyone in on the joys of communal singing; Before we head home and spend the night shaking boxes, trying to figure out if mum got us the right video game or not and playing Mariah Carey on repeat.

Just a note, we are essentially closing The Edwards early this day (a sneaky drink or two after we finish singing).

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